The Little People, Stories From The Attic
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The Little People

Narrator: Robin McConnell

Unabridged: 33 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/28/2021


I’ve always believed the old maxim that truth is stranger than fiction. If you ever doubt the fact, then I urge you to spend more time around people, particularly the elderly and to make sure that you spend that time listening. One of the best things about working in care, with the elderly, is the never ending procession of stories. It’s a perk of a job. Lived experience is the best source for narratives and once you get to know those that you care for and more importantly, once they get to know you, you often find that they are more than willing to reminisce about their past experiences, the lives they’ve lived, the people they’ve loved and lost and to talk about the strange twists of fate that have befallen them. Sometimes however, it pays to be careful. For although truth is undoubtedly stranger than fiction, it can also be far more terrifying. Sometimes the things people tell you, with a straight face and absolute conviction can rob you of your sleep.