The Larger Consciousness, Annie Besant
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The Larger Consciousness

Author: Annie Besant

Narrator: Matthew Schmitz

Unabridged: 38 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/20/2023


Brought to you by Altrusian Grace Media.The Larger Consciousness was a lecture delivered at the 12th annual convention of the Indian section of the Theosophical society, held at Benares in December 1902. This year, we are going to study together a subject of vital importance to the thoughtful, to the earnest, to those who desire to serve humanity, and those who wish to help the race forward in its evolution. The subject of my discourses I have called "The Laws of the Higher Life", because so many people in dealing with religion that has to do with the Higher Life seem inclined to remove it from the realm of law, bringing it into some strange region of arbitrary whim and results without endeavor, of failure without weakness. This idea that spirituality is not subject to law is an idea that is natural at the first sight, for we find a corresponding analogy in the way in which the laws of the physical plane have been overlooked, just in proportion as they have been unstudied and unknown.