The Hots for Scots Books 14 Collecti..., Caroline Lee
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The Hots for Scots Books 1-4 Collection
Books 1-4

Author: Caroline Lee

Narrator: William Macleod

Unabridged: 20 hr 33 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/01/2022


Book 1: Laird Oliphant's sons have no choice but to get married. Without an heir, the laird has gathered his sons--his six illegitimate sons, all born in the same year--and declared whoever presents him with a grandson first, will become the next Highland Laird.Reactions are...mixed.But to Finn Oliphant, this is exactly the news he's been hoping for. You see, Finn has already chosen his future wife: the vivacious and intelligent Fiona MacIan, whom he fell in love with the previous year.It's not that Fiona is getting cold feet, exactly. She's fairly certain she loves Finn. Mostly. Well, verra likely, at least. But she's never been the most self-confident woman, especially compared to her sister--her identical twin sister--whom Finn happens to mistake for Fiona upon their arrival at his keep, which is super-awkward all around.The idea of marrying Finn makes her feel all warm and giddy--hopefully that's just lust, not the ague--but how can she be certain he truly wants her, and not just any woman? Book 2: Duncan Oliphant's father has insisted he--and all of his brothers--marry and start producing, yesterday. And Dunc is having none of it. But he is the laird's son, albeit illegitimate, and he knows he has a duty to do; one he's happy to postpone, as he takes one more commission, which has him traveling across the Highlands, gold in hand.Which is, of course, the worst time to be attacked by highwaymen.Even worse if it's not a man at all, but a highwaywoman. What in the world is Skye MacIan doing, robbing unsuspecting travelers? The only way to discover the truth--and get back his gold--is to kidnap the highwaywoman and offer a trade.Skye clearly isn't a meek and delicate lady. And she simply can't ignore the way Duncan's kisses made her feel, or how his offered solution might just be what she needs to hang up her sword for good. Book 3: Rocque Oliphant has simple wants: a fine sword at his hip, a good meal in his belly, and a lusty wench by his side. His position as the Oliphant Commander, leader of men, ensures the first, and his long-term affair with Merewyn, the clan healer, ensures the second and third.Aye, things are going well in his least they were, right up until his father--the laird--demanded he marry and start producing grandsons. If Rocque wants to beat his brothers at a chance for the lairdship, he needs to find a willing woman to bear his sons--and fast!But Merewyn, the stubborn lass, refuses to marry him and won't tell him why. Rocque can't imagine spending his life with anyone else! So if he can't marry another lass, and the one he wants won't marry him, what chance does he have to secure the title of the new laird?As the Oliphant healer, Merewyn knows her value to the clan. She is also quite aware she doesn't need to marry...and the only way she will, is for love. Book 4: Malcolm Oliphant is, beyond a doubt, the brains of the family. Since his father, the laird, announced whichever brother could marry and produce a son first would become the heir, Malcolm's brothers have been running around, falling in love willy-nilly, without using their brains at all. But not Malcolm, oh no. He plans to do this intelligently.He'll find a widow with a son or two, thus proving her ability to bear male offspring, and explain to her they will be married. See? Simple. No need to bring emotions into it.But when he finally meets the perfect woman for his plan, there's no logical explanation for the way his heart keeps getting involved. Evelinde Oliphant's situation is getting desperate. Since her first husband's death, she and her two sons are living alone in what could charitably be called t