The Home Network Manual, Marlon Buchanan
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The Home Network Manual
The Complete Guide to Setting Up, Upgrading, and Securing Your Home Network

Narrator: Helpful Matthew

Unabridged: 4 hr 19 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: HomeTechHacker

Published: 02/21/2022

Includes: Bonus Material Bonus Material Included


Learn everything you need to know about perfecting your home network in one simple guide. Do you need to build or upgrade your home network, but aren’t sure where to begin? Would you like your home network to be fast, stable, and secure?After reading The Home Network Manual you’ll know:The components that make up a home networkThe right way to set up a home network from scratchWhich devices will give you the best home networkTips for making your home network fastHow to have reliable Wi-Fi throughout your homeHow to diagnose and fix common home network problemsHow to secure your home network from hackers…And so much more!Having a fast, stable, and secure home network is more important now than ever. After reading this book, you'll be equipped with all the tools and information you need to have the trouble-free, fast, and secure home network you need.If getting every device in your home on your home network has been a chore, or if you’re putting up with situations like your video streaming services buffering every few moments, your online games kicking you because your Wi-Fi drops, or your Zoom sessions fuzzing out and freezing into that impossible to understand robot voice, then you need to read this book! Keep yourself and your family safe in the digital age. Make sure everything is running the best it can, and learn what you need to know about your home network. Troubleshoot your issues and be the hero that saves your family grief in their day-to-day online experiences. Buy your copy now!