The Guide to Ignacio Springs and Guer..., Pearl Howie
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The Guide to Ignacio Springs and Guerrero Negro, Baja, Mexico (the Bus, the Rest Stop, the Military Checkpoint, the Orchard Hotel, the Kayak, the Yurt, the Inn and the Grey Whales) from Pearl Escapes 2017

Author: Pearl Howie

Narrator: Pearl Howie

Unabridged: 47 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 09/08/2021


From No. 1 best selling Self-Help, Counselling and Travel author Pearl Howie – the audiobook of her mini-guide to visiting grey whales in Mexico.I used to get extremely burnt out and couldn’t even handle booking a hotel or flight when I did have time off. I thought “Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone would write a guide that gave you one perfect escape; the perfect hotel, spa, flight and restaurant.” So that’s what I did.This guide to San Ignacio and Guerrero Negro gives you the places to stay, (no spa this time, sorry), the ways to see the grey whales up close and personal, and the rest.Despite this being one of my wildest adventures, it is also one of the simplest, because to get there the choice is simple... You either go north, or you go south. There is only one road.I had so many reasons for writing these books - to provide a quick guide for people who think travelling to a special place is beyond them and to enlighten people as to the magic that exists in certain spots, but these are also just simple stories… for dreamers, for those who know their legs will just not carry them to these places, for the unadventurous adventurer, for the person who can't imagine ever going or wanting to go, these stories are just a way of sharing my awareness of a certain place that was important in my journey, however that serves you."You will come away feeling as if she was sharing with you personally and will want to read more of her life adventures.”“I’ve just booked my first holiday in 13 years!”"To me, you are a hero... You have learned to take something negative in your life and make it a positive... a gift to others. It doesn't get any better than that. Don't doubt that you are capable of helping others... in terms of other of life's difficulties... What an adventure!" Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., author of "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway"Not small, just travel size.