The God Like Powers SeriesVolume 2 B..., Martin K. Ettington
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The God Like Powers Series-Volume 2 Bundle

Unabridged: 7 hr 6 min

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Published: 06/03/2021


This compilation of paranormal books includes five additional books written since volume one came out. The books in this bundle include the following:1)   Prophecy: A History and How to GuideProphecy is a subject which has been important since the Caveman. In this book the history of Prophecy and Prophets is discussed. Then some personal experiences are reviewed. Finally, a theory of how it works and practices you can try to enable your future seeing ability are described.2)   LevitationThis book is all about Levitation. Historical witnessing of levitation experiences, fake and Fakir levitating, and how you can spiritually develop to do this yourself.3)   The Reality of Ghosts and SpiritsAre Ghosts and Spirits Real? A listing of pictures, haunted houses, haunted ships and the Author's own experiences with this phenomena4)   Bi-Location and Objects Appearing from NowhereBi-Location is a phenomena reported throughout history of people being in two places at once. This is also related to objects spontaneously appearing and disappearing. Many stories and case studies are given as well as exercises to learn Bi-Location Yourself 5)   Use Intuition and Prophecy to Improve Your LifeIntuition and Prophecy are real phenomena and these are skills you can develop and use yourself. You can avoid danger and pick different paths in your future. Learn the history, how these abilities work, and how they can change your life to be better.