The Enneagram for Relationships, MA WhitmoyerOber
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The Enneagram for Relationships
Transform Your Connections with Friends, Family, Colleagues, and in Love

Unabridged: 4 hr 5 min

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Published: 07/28/2020

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Cultivate deeper relationships—a guide to the power of the Enneagram. Breaking people down into nine distinct types, the Enneagram is more than a personality test—it is a tool for understanding who you are and, more importantly, why you are who you are. Diving deep into each of the types, this easy-to-understand book provides complete breakdowns of what each one brings to various relationships, how they interact with other people, and what they can do to form healthy and fulfilling partnerships. The Enneagram for Relationships includes: ● Learn about your type—From the Reformer (Type 1) to the Peacemaker (Type 9), get a detailed explanation of each personality, what they are like, and how they function within relationships. ● From personal to professional—Go beyond romance as you learn how you can use the Enneagram to improve friendships, familial bonds, and work partnerships. ● Be your best self—Discover plenty of practical advice for addressing your own faults and foibles and living up to your potential—even as you learn how to navigate the other personality types at home and in the wild.