The Ducal Heir, Marie M. Mullany
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The Ducal Heir

Narrator: Marie M. Mullany

Unabridged: 22 hr 44 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/26/2022

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The older the secret, the more dangerous its revelation.In the far north, Louis and Roul train to face the growing threat at the heart of Lumiaron. Brice Rennaurd, Shadow Master of the Emperor, plots a bloody course and the dire specter of civil war looms over the Empire.A world away, Naira follows the dream of her Left-Hand Husband into the red dunes of the Cidan Mashada, where fate and the Gods await their arrival.As their journeys converge, the spider web of conspiracy threatens all, and knives are drawn in the shadows. For at the heart of the Lumiaron lies a secret so deep its keepers would traffic even with the dire power of Sang Sorcellerie to preserve it.Plunge into the epic tale as Louis prepares to face his enemy and Naira answers to the will of the Gods!Praise for The Hidden Blade, Book 1 of Sangwheel Chronicles:"The Hidden Blade is one of those rare gems you find in the Independent Publishing arena. Well written, imaginative, with great characters and a wonderful story." - Maxwell Alexander Drake, creative writing teacher & author."Fantasy can be a tough genre--making both an engrossing world and characters that a reader really cares about is a hard balance that most authors struggle with. Mullany, however, excels at both. The world is vibrant and creative, with a feeling of depth and history that is shown in hints rather than pages on pages of exposition. The characters are human and relatable and, perhaps most importantly, adults." - Kathleen Reedy, Goodreads Review