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How to Identify the Traits of This Dangerous and Subtle Form of Narcissism and Defend Yourself from Toxic Relationships, and Emotional Abuse by Manipulative People - EXTENDED EDITION



Unabridged: 2 hr 35 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: AMANDA HOPE

Published: 06/05/2021


Are you interested in knowing what a covert narcissist is? If yes, then this is the right book for you!Narcissists are often manipulative, obsessed with their own needs and desires, and indifferent to others' needs. But there is another equally challenging type of narcissist: the covert narcissist. A covert narcissist is also self-centered and manipulative but has a generally charming demeanor that keeps his or her faults under wraps. They are highly attuned to other people's reactions and adept at using mind games to their advantage. Unlike regular narcissists, it can be hard to spot a covert narcissist; they can fly under the radar for years without detection. But leave no doubt, they are just as dangerous as their overt counterparts -- if not more so.???This book covers the following topics:???Who Can Be a Covert Narcissist?How to Recognize a Covert Narcissist?Control and Manipulation TacticsThe IsolationAll the Stages of a Relationship with a Covert NarcissistYour Body Knew: Common IllnessesDivorcing a Covert NarcissistAnd many more!Perhaps it's telling that many people can recognize covert narcissists on sight and yet struggle to see them in their loved ones - and in this, I suspect there is a bit of projection going on. I'm sure we all want our relationships with family, friends, and colleagues to be more harmonious and less fraught than the truth sometimes is. Moreover, it's important not to make judgments about those we love based on how they present themselves; thus, we can unwittingly fall into a form of narcissistic injury that engenders resentment on their part.Ready to get started? Click and Get your Copy NOW!