The Black Knight, Connie Mason
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The Black Knight

Author: Connie Mason

Narrator: Simon Mattacks

Unabridged: 8 hr 44 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download (DRM Protected)

Published: 03/29/2018


He rode into Chirk Castle on his pure black destrier. Clad in black from his gleaming helm to the tips of his toes, he was all battle-honed muscles and rippling tendons. In his stark black armor he looked lethal and sinister, every bit as dangerous as his name implied. He was a man renowned for his courage and strength, for his prowess with women, for his ruthless skill in combat.But when he saw Raven of Chirk, with her long, chestnut tresses and womanly curves, he could barely contain his embroiled emotions. For it was her betrayal twelve years before that had turned him from chivalrous youth to hardened knight. It was she who made him vow to trust no woman—to take women only for his pleasure. It was she who had made him ruthless and bitter and incapable of love. But only she could unleash the passion in his body, the goodness in his soul, and the love in his heart.“Ms. Mason has written a rich medieval romance filled with tournaments, chivalry, lust and love. But most important are the characters who make this novel come alive. Sit back and savor this one.” —Evelyn Feiner, Romantic Times