The Bell Pepper, Sherman T. Hancock
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The Bell Pepper

Narrator: Ricky Rabar

Unabridged: 1 hr 21 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/01/2023


All dick is not the same! Some are long, and some are short. Some are skinny, some are girthy, some curve, and some have extra skin covering the head. I can repeatedly list countless differences we hear about through comedians, influencers, personalities, and radio and talk show hosts. You see women discussing it on various platforms, laughing to their heart’s content with their fellow sisters, and we, as men, accept this fact and what it means when it comes to our sex, but what about the reverse? It seems no one talks about the different things that make up “good poon.” I mean, yes, there is the “smelly poon” remark that gets thrown around, and now and again, you’ll hear things about a “deep, loose poon” or a “roast beef poon,” but is that all it comes down to? Are you suddenly in the top 1% if you do not subscribe to those phrases? I’m here to tell you no. Just like women, men too have talked about the size, the shape, the inside, and many more aspects that all go into what we consider to be “good poom poom,” and we’ve discussed it at length, behind closed doors, details of the feminine parts that never make its way to the town square. No man is loud enough, bold enough, or cares enough to sing the song of the thing that eats the thong, but I, Sherman T. Hancock, have sung! So, I present to you the Opera of the Bell. Pull the feet of this book close to the edge of the bed, open its legs, lick your fingers and turn the pages, move that leaf to the side, and stick your face in it. I promise you will not stop reading until you have entirely uncovered the secrets hidden deep within this paprika in a bottle, pimento in a bowl, cum inside this capsicum, and discover the Bell Pepper.