The 7 Secrets to the Meaning of Life, Olly Bell
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The 7 Secrets to the Meaning of Life
Your Guide on the Journey to Love, Confidence, Maturity and Wisdom

Author: Olly Bell

Narrator: John Guccion

Unabridged: 3 hr 29 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/18/2021


Do you ever have that feeling that you are not doing enough with your life? Like there is something always missing or lacking but you can’t put a finger on it?Many individuals have this thought on an almost daily basis. They are exhausted from the monotonous and tedious nature of life. They spend hours sitting in a cubicle all day or are at home, doing daily chores when they are overwhelmed by this feeling of nothingness. They feel like they are wasting their lives. There is no value or satisfaction that comes from it.A meaning in life is, therefore, important.Not just for your mental health, but also emotional. You have every right to feel like the work you do is valuable and meaningful. You have every right to feel like you are contributing to society in a positive and fulfilling way. However, when these individuals try to seek their true calling in life, they are barred by many personal struggles like lack of confidence, belief in themselves and their abilities, poor self-esteem and self-acceptance. They want to do the right thing but don’t know where to cultivate all these qualities in themselves.In The 7 Secrets to the Meaning of Life, we explore the many struggles these individuals face and how they can overcome them. We talk about how they can become self-sustained, self-reliant and believe in themselves. This book guides readers about how they can set goals, find a purpose in their lives by looking at what drives them and how they can develop a growth mindset as well as big picture thinking. All the practical tips, guidelines and exercises come backed by scientific evidence, promising assured results.All in all, it details brilliantly what individuals must do to add meaning to their lives and make them more rewarding and fulfilling.