The 12Week MBA, Bjorn Billhardt
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The 12-Week MBA
Learn the Skills You Need to Lead in Business Today

Unabridged: 8 hr 31 min

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Publisher: Hachette Go

Published: 02/06/2024

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Based on the 12-Week MBA by Abilitie, a 12-week mini-MBA program taught to professionals at global Fortune 500 companies, The 12-Week MBA practical tips for managers and aspiring business leaders.
Getting an MBA takes time and money, making it inaccessible to many people who want to take charge in the business world.  Now The 12-Week MBA  offers an alternative way to learn business essentials, focusing on the skills and knowledge required to succeed as a manager and business leader.
The 12-Week MBA’s unique premise is that there is a core set of business skills that entrepreneurs and future leaders of organizations can learn and will need regardless of their industry, function, or level.  Those core skills—value creation, people skills, and decision-making—can be learned in less time and at lower cost than in a traditional two-year MBA, where the typical content becomes obsolete by the time students have graduated.

Authors Bjorn Billhardt and Nathan Kracklauer, leaders of Abilitie, a leadership development provider, have customized and honed their virtual 12-week MBA course over the last 20 years.  Now they bring you the key lessons from this curriculum in an accessible, engaging guide.