Stop Procrastinating Guide to Hackin..., benjamin p. barnes
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Stop Procrastinating: Guide to Hacking Laziness, Developing Discipline with Hacks to Overcome Procrastination and to Boost Your Productivity, Including Self-Discipline

Narrator: gary gabbard

Unabridged: 3 hr

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Published: 10/10/2020


Would you like to stop procrastinating? Want to overcome a lack of motivation for your daily tasks? Need to get rid of the feelings of laziness?Science suggests that 90% of people who set a goal will never accomplish it.We all procrastinate, sometimes its trivial things, but usually, its important things like finishing a job report, doing a laundry, finally going to a gym.Procrastinators always have a creative reason why it's not the right time today. Too stressed, too shattered, too busy, too risky, too old, and too young.Most of the time, these are lies used to delay tasks and avoid the emotional discomfort that we all experience when making meaningful changes in our lives."The truth is, procrastinators, are made, not born as you’ve been led to believe"Procrastination is a lifestyle, a poor habit that we tend to know indirectly, generally in reaction to an authoritarian parenting style.In reality, researchers have found that when we shape habits, we effectively alter our brains slightly and therefore our actions.The reality is, if you're someone who's procrastinating, this poor habit is restricting your achievement in a multitude of respects. If you do not tackle this problem, you will decrease the probability that you will attain your key objectives.Forget About Spending Your Time Thinking About What You're Supposed To Do, And Begin Doing It!You'll learn:Understanding ProcrastinationThe Science Behind ProcrastinationWhy People ProcrastinateProcrastinators Living With Non-Procrastinators - Setting DifferencesLazinessHow To Set Goals And Stick To ThemAnd many more…..The excellent news is that with the correct science tactics, everyone can take control of this process, set workable objectives, and develop excellent practices to live a happy life.