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Self-Improvement Guide Bundle, 2 IN 1 Bundle: Productivity Plan and Do Better

Narrator: Marcus Mulenga

Unabridged: 34 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/02/2021


Self-Improvement Guide Bundle, 2 IN 1 Bundle: Productivity Plan and Do BetterDo you have control over your life or do you think you’re just going through the motions? Sometimes, some people don’t really care how their life is going and are satisfied with just living a mediocre existence but if you want to achieve success, you must not be content with that and aim to improve yourself. Self-improvement may be a big undertaking but it is essential if you want to improve your overall life and achieve any dream you have. There are many ways to improve yourself and one of these is how to become more productive with your time. Productivity is all about being efficient but most of the time, the term is associated with work. We often hear about different suggestions to improve productivity in the workplace but you can also improve your personal productivity. Being productive is not really about accomplishing more but rather, it is about how to strategically use your time, attention, and work to improve your life, career, and relationships.This bundle will teach you all about how you can improve yourself and increase your personal productivity. You will learn how to prioritize and plan tasks so you can maximize the use of your time. This 2-in-1 bundle will include the following audiobooks:1. Productivity Plan: The Ultimate Guide on How to Increase Your Personal Productivity, Discover The Effective Methods On How to Get More Done in Little Time2. Do Better: The Ultimate Guide on Self-Improvement, Learn Useful Tips and Advice on How You Can Grow, Do Better and Improve Everything About YourselfGet this Self-Improvement Guide 2 in 1 bundle today!