Scot to the Touch, Caroline Lee
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Scot to the Touch
Hots for Scots, Book 6

Author: Caroline Lee

Narrator: William Macleod

Unabridged: 6 hr

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/14/2022


Six brothers were single at the beginning of this mess, but now there's only one man left standing... Kiergan Oliphant considers himself the only sane one in his family; what other explanation could there be for why all five of his brothers have fallen in love and gotten married, just because their father made a stupid ultimatum? Sure, the laird declared whichever son married and produced a son first would become his heir, but is that really any reason for a man to give up his freedom?Because if there's one thing Kiergan likes, it's his freedom. And women. And those little berry tart things the cook makes. And the freedom to do things with women. So...four? Aye, four things he likes. Which is good because there isn't much else he's good at. His brothers all have their talents and responsibilities, while Kiergan has been content to be relegated to the role of the family rake. He has no desire to be the next laird, because it would not only mean less time for pleasure, but it would also mean being saddled with a wife. Nae thank ye!But of course, his father has other plans. Enter the MacKinnon sisters: Davina is beautiful, desirable, and would make a brilliant alliance for the Oliphant Clan, while Katlyn is...none of those things. So of course, 'tis Katlyn who intrigues Kiergan the most, with her strange eyes and even stranger ideas.Katlyn MacKinnon knows exactly who she is, and she knows her worth as well. Upon her birth, the devil himself marked her by giving her eyes of two different colors. Her curse means she'll never marry or secure any alliances, but that doesn't mean she can't have a little fun...So what happens when these two independent hearts get caught in bed together? Hilarious shenanigans ensue, of course!Warning: This book contains crude jokes, lewd puns, and more than a little slapstick. Get ready to laugh out loud in this side-splitting adventure, full of secret passages, revolving bookshelves, a damned annoying ghost, and one stubborn rake!