Scot on Her Trail, Caroline Lee
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Scot on Her Trail
The Hots for Scots, Book 2

Author: Caroline Lee

Narrator: William Macleod

Unabridged: 4 hr 45 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/12/2021


Duncan Oliphant's father has insisted he--and all of his brothers--marry and start producing, yesterday. And Dunc is having none of it. All he wants in life is a small cottage behind his forge and enough gold and silver to craft valuable delicate jewelry.But he is the laird's son, albeit illegitimate, and he knows he has a duty to do; one he's happy to postpone, as he takes one more commission, which has him traveling across the Highlands, gold in hand.Which is, of course, the worst time to be attacked by highwaymen.Even worse if it's not a man at all, but a highwaywoman--a gorgeous, feisty one he accidentally kissed a fortnight ago at his brother's wedding. What in the world is Skye MacIan doing, robbing unsuspecting travelers? The only way to discover the truth--and get back his gold--is to kidnap the highwaywoman and offer a trade.Aye, this will go swimmingly...until it doesn't.Skye clearly isn't a meek and delicate lady. And despite their rocky beginning, she simply can't ignore the way Duncan's kisses made her feel, or how his offered solution might just be what she needs to hang up her sword for good.Can a goldsmith who only wants a simple life make peace with a determined highwaywoman, for the sake of their clans' futures? Or is the gulf between them--and their own personal history--just too much for them to overcome?And whatever did happen to all that gold?Pick up the second book in the riotously funny The Hots for Scots series and get ready for a rollicking good time!