Satans Advice for the New Parent, Aleister Lovecraft
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Satan's Advice for the New Parent
Practical and Concise Advice for the Overwhelmed New Parent

Unabridged: 1 hr 20 min

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Published: 03/01/2024


Becoming a new parent is overwhelming.Your life is changed forever. Every choice you make for your new baby will have lasting, possibly life-long consequences. Parenting advice is tossed your way from all sides, but who should you trust?The most trustworthy source might surprise you: Satan.Based on Satan's observations and interactions with humanity over the course of millennia, Satan's Advice for the New Parent is a concise parenting manual, ideal for the sleep-deprived new parent.Topics covered include:the one thing you need to know to be a successful parent,infant sleeping habits,feeding,how to deal with illness,discipline,how to tell if your child is evil,and more.Satan's Advice for the New Parent is Book 2 in the Satan's Guides to Life series and is a perfect gift for new parents and parents-to-be.