Ride or Die, Sheridan Anne
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Ride or Die
A Dark High School Bully Romance

Author: Sheridan Anne

Unabridged: 14 hr 16 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 09/28/2021


Gang life isn't for everyone, but a b*tch in colors always looks good.The West Side Wolves claim to be a brotherhood, but what do they do when a sister walks in demanding their attention?To everyone else, stepping into the Wolf Den was an epic mistake, filled with consequential betrayals. But to me, it was a necessity and I’m more than prepared to take on the vile evils that come with the territory because, in the end, it gets me one step closer to taking down Dominic Garcia.The b*tch is back. It’s kill or be killed. Ride or f*cking die.Every step I take drags me further and further away from my life with Colton. I’m taking hit after hit and time is officially ticking. I just hope that what we have is strong enough to pull us through to the other end because Colton Carrington is my end game.It’s time to stand up for what I believe in and make my move.It’s now or never. Fate won’t wait for anybody.The end is near; I feel it in my bones. But after all is said and done, where does that leave us, and who will be left standing?