Rewire Your Brain, Madeline Holden
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Rewire Your Brain
The Secrets of Neuroplasticity for Personal Development - The Complete Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Panic, Fear of Failure, Overthinking and ADHD How to Change Your Mind, Master Your Emotions and Achieve Your Goals

Unabridged: 17 hr 37 min

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Published: 12/15/2021


Do you know how to activate the brain's natural neuroplasticity to achieve your goals?Mastering your mind, body, and soul can rest the effects of stress, anxiety, and even the ego to achieve optimal health and desired success in anything you faceIn this incredible collection, Madeline Holden will show you how to use the secrets of science to activate the superpower of your mind in a few simple steps and achieve the goals you've always dreamed ofYou’ll find:BOOK #1: Rewire Your BrainHow to connect the brain and soul to gain mastery over emotional regulationTwo brain detoxes to regain your attention for healthy livingA list of advanced mindfulness and meditation techniquesBOOK #2: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 4 WeeksRewire your brain for success with simple life-changing exercisesEasily tackle every obstacle life puts in your way with mindfulness strategiesOvercome negative thinking, anxiety, depression, fear, worryBOOK #3: ADHD: Inside The Distracted MindWandering mind, the DMN and TPN mode and how to switchDeep look into the ADHD brain in children and adultsBrain exercises to improve focus and mental flexibilityBOOK #4: Healing After LossInside this book, you will gain a new understanding of the stages of grief and how your recovery will improve with each passing phaseLife doesn’t have to rule you. As a consultant with 10 years of experience who collaborates with scientists and dieticians, I can guarantee that you’ll gain something from this book.