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The Truth About the Brain and Soul Connection - How to Change Your Mind, Master Your Emotions, Heal Your Life & Create a New You.New Edition

Narrator: Dm Studios

Unabridged: 5 hr 38 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/17/2021


Mastering Your Mind, Body, and Soul Can Rest the Effects of Stress, Anxiety, and Even the Ego to Achieve Optimal Health and Desired Success in Anything You Face, and All It Takes Is a Few Simple Tools to Get You There, One of Which Takes a Mere 24 Hours!Maybe your negative thoughts have exploded into something new while you attempt to recognize the behavioral changes resulting in emotional fallouts and consequently physical damage to your health.What do you do? How do you resolve the lost connection with your emotional regulation? To become a master, you have to leave small-minded techniques behind and become an advanced student. It’s possible to remove what doesn’t serve you from your brain and replace it with skills and practical daily habits that will only serve your interests.In this book, you’ll find among many other tools:An understanding of the model that regulates your thinking patternsA way proved by science to connect the brain and soul to gain mastery over emotional regulationTwo brain detoxes to regain your attention for healthy living and reduced depression, stress, or anxietyA list of advanced mindfulness and meditation techniquesHow to increase flow, memory, and attention to forget the things you need to and remember the new habits you’ll practiceThe holy grail of keeping the brain young and healthyLife doesn’t have to rule you. As a consultant with 10 years of experience who collaborates with scientists and dieticians, I can guarantee that you’ll gain something from this book.In the worst-case scenario, you’ll learn something new and unique, but in the best-case scenario, you’ll become the beast who masters your brain, body, and soul! I haven’t met anyone who didn’t walk away with something when they adopted my tools.