Reiki and Chakras, Marcus Ruiz
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Reiki and Chakras
The Complete Guide to Healing Through Reiki, Achieve Spiritual Mindfulness , Awakening Chakras , and Eliminate Anxiety. Improve Your Life With This Self-Healing and Self-Help Guide [New Edition]

Author: Marcus Ruiz

Unabridged: 6 hr 59 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Marcus Ruiz

Published: 04/11/2021


Do you want to tap into the healing power of your chakras?Looking for ways to better connect with your higher self and the universe, harness healing energy with Reiki, and improve your spiritual wellbeing? Then keep reading.In today’s modern world, it's far too easy to let your chakras become unbalanced or blocked – and this can lead to spiritual numbness, constant stress, and the feeling of being lost or adrift in the world without purpose. But you don’t need to live like this.Written with the beginner in mind, this powerful audiobook unveils the secrets to spiritual awakening, arming you with the essential tools you need to unblock and channel your chakras for spiritual wellbeing. Drawing on the ancient healing art of Reiki, you’ll learn how to heal yourself and others, how to use meditation to align your chakras, and so much more.Inside "Reiki and Chakras" guide, you’ll discover:Why The Modern World Causes Your Chakras To Become Blocked (and How To Reopen Them)Tips and Tricks For Using Meditation To Strengthen Your ChakrasPowerful Methods For Chakra AwakeningUnveiling The Secrets of Reiki Healing (and How You Can Learn To Heal Yourself and Others)Simple Life Changes To Drastically Boost Your Healing AbilitiesAnd more...Even if you’re a complete beginner to Reiki and chakras, inside you’ll find simple instructions and easy-to-understand advice designed to kickstart your spiritual awakening in no time. So don’t suffer from blocked or damaged chakras – unleash your true potential, harness this ancient wisdom, and start practicing energy healing today.Scroll up and buy now to begin your journey with "Reiki and Chakras"