POSITIVE ENERGY MASTERY Learn the po..., paul schofield
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POSITIVE ENERGY MASTERY: Learn the power of Chakras, Crystals, Mindfulness and Stress management

Narrator: dms

Unabridged: 9 hr 37 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: paul schofield

Published: 10/06/2020


In this book you'll discover:Di???v?r ??l?r? ?nd ?r??t?l? th?t ??tiv?t? ???h ?h?kr? Ex?l?r? th? b?l?n??d ?nd unb?l?n??d ?x?r???i?n? ?f ???h ?h?kr?'? ?n?rgi??: ?urviv?l, ??xu?lit?, ??w?r, l?v?, ?r??tivit?, intuiti?n, ?nd ??iritu?lit? Pr??ti?? ??iritu?l ?x?r?i???, vi?u?liz?ti?n?, ?nd m?dit?ti?n? th?t bring ??ur ?n?rgi?? int? b?l?n?? B?n?fit? ?f m?gn?t th?r??? ?nd ?h?kr? h??ling m?th?d? ?nd in?ight int? th? d?n?mi?? ?f Ch?kr? h??ling H?w t? b?l?n?? ??ur r??t ?r b??? ?h?kr? Stress management and freedom from anxietySelf-awareness as a key to growth and changeHow to trust your intuitionAnd lots moreWhat mindfulness actually is, and why it is so effectiveWhat good stress management is, and why you must apply itHow to use mindfulness for self-development and inner peaceHow to deal with stress, anxiety, negative feelings, and moreEnergy from crystals and mineralsThe colorsMyths about crystalsAttributes related to the crystals and stonesCrystals changing the remedy worldBecoming a magnet for prosperityCrystallizing a breakthrough Consciously conceiving a new life Cutting your unhealthy energy cords