Popular Clone, M. E. Castle
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Popular Clone

Author: M. E. Castle

Narrator: Joshua Swanson

Unabridged: 5 hr 48 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download (DRM Protected)

Published: 01/24/2012


Meet Fisher Bas: a 12-year-old, growth-stunted, geeky science genius who is the son of Nobel Prize–winning parents. Despite his outsized IQ, Fisher is far from the most popular kid in his middle school — he’s actually tormented daily by overgrown goons he calls the Vikings. Holed up in his home lab over a long weekend, Fisher uses his mother’s revolutionary Advanced Growth Hormone to clone himself. Now Fisher Two can go to school each day while the real Fisher stays at home playing video games, eating Cheetos, and working on his latest inventions. It’s an ingenious plan that works brilliantly . . . until Fisher’s clone turns out to be more popular than him and gets clone-napped by the evil scientist Dr. X. As his simple plan collapses, Fisher must set out on an epic adventure to rescue his genetic counterpart.