Personality Types, Tyler Bordan
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Personality Types
Discover Your True Type Through Elaborate Analyses

Author: Tyler Bordan

Narrator: Thomas Cassidy

Unabridged: 2 hr 16 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 07/03/2018


Who are you? No, not your profession or your sexiness, but your personality!Although we can all learn to behave a certain way, everyone has a certain tendency and energy about them. Everyone has a different personality type. But how do you find out your type? And how do personalities react to each other? How about figuring out how to live with your partner who has a different personality?So many people don’t understand others because they don’t understand themselves. And if you understand yourself, you will be happier, more productive, more patient with your own mistakes and others, and have an overall better life. So what’s keeping you from discovering how you can, more or less, categorize yourself? What lies at the basis of your true nature?In this book, you will find answers to these and many other related questions. Various issues will be addressed, including:The I and E dimension: what they mean and how you can recognize themJudgment and perceptions of the different typesDescriptions of artists, protectors, thinkers, performers, givers, visionaries, and moreWays to recognize your personality color typeHow to achieve more success and happiness by simply understanding more about yourselfThe road to self-discovery is so hard for so many people. Skip the psychologist, the opinions of others, or the confusion about your self-image. Learn more about yourself through that "A-hah" moment everyone must have.Download now!