Parenting Siblings Without Rivalry, Sandra D. Coon
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Parenting Siblings Without Rivalry
Prevent and Solve (New Baby, School Age, Twin, …) Sibling Rivalry. The Practical Guide to Raising Best Buddies and Saving Your Sanity

Narrator: Betty Johnston

Unabridged: 5 hr

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/27/2020


From squabbling siblings to bosom buddies. Every parent’s dream is within your reach.From resentment over a newborn baby, to toddlers struggling with sharing, and to unhealthy competition between your school-age children, each stage of childhood comes with its own set of problems. And each requires their own actions and solutions.If your stern reprimands and firm rules don’t seem to be working, it might be time to try a different approach—one that doesn’t focus on ending quarrels, but on making your kids closer to each other.In Parenting Siblings Without Rivalry, you will discover:How to equip your kids with the right skills to manage conflicts on their own, so you won’t have toHow to prepare your children for a new arrival in the family, regardless of their age, so they won’t feel overlookedThe essential family activity you should regularly schedule to defuse any issues before they escalateWhy you shouldn’t treat your children equally, and how to treat them insteadHow to handle your child’s feelings of jealousy when one child needs or gets more attention than the othersThe nighttime routine that will build a lasting bond between siblings, even if they usually can’t stand each otherThe surefire way to end any altercation over a coveted toy, without having to bribe or scold your kidsCrucial mistakes you could be making that could fuel anger and resentment between your childrenAnd much more.If you want your children to fight for each other rather than with each other, then listen to this audiobook right now.