My Heart Beats For You, Tina Marie
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My Heart Beats For You

Author: Tina Marie

Unabridged: 7 hr 1 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/29/2022


Meet Inaya, she’s a good girl who made some bad decisions, but they were all to keep her daughter safe. Inaya’s life is a total wreck, but she is trying everything she can to keep her and her four-year-old daughter Kadia’s head above water. Needless to say entertaining a man was the last thing on her mind, but as soon as she bumped into her new neighbor Phantom she couldn’t get him off her mind or out of her heart. If only he felt the same. Phantom is tall, handsome and a complete jerk. He thinks all women are in one category, the one marked no good and he isn’t afraid to express how he feels to each female who crosses his path. When he meets Inaya, he befriends her daughter Kadia because she reminds him of his little girl, but he works hard at being mean to her mother. As soon as he begins to think Inaya is different than all the other women he has known, her situation causes him to pass immediate judgement on her. Once he realizes he loves her anyway, women from his past and present will threaten what he and Inaya are building. Making one mistake proves that love or not his opinion about Inaya had never really changed and the consequences will leave an innocent Kadia in danger. Meet Lox, son of a Jamaican Don, a ladies' man who even takes these chicks to dinner and a movie sometimes. Fate brought Lox’s first love Sahnai back into his life and he realizes he never stopped loving her, even after she up and disappeared for reasons unknown to him. Sahnai is breathtaking and used tousing her looks to get what she wants from men. When she sees Lox after all these years she is happy to see the only man she has ever loved, but is having a hard time letting him in her life again. Holding her back are her secrets, because they are enough to make him hate her and take away the one thing she cherishes the most. After Lox sees that Sahnai is still a hothead who is not ready to grow up he decides to walk away for good until events out of his control may change his plans.