Music, Woody Morgan
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Essential Tools to Boost your Music Business - Music Production, Music Theory and Songwriting

Author: Woody Morgan

Unabridged: 10 hr 20 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Woody Morgan

Published: 11/07/2020


Here’s the Perfect Solution If You Want to Step Up Your Songwriting Game or Venture Into the World of Music Production!Do you want to learn how to write the next big hit song?Maybe you want to become a music producer and set up a studio right in your home?If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered! Of all the arts, music has always been the most mysterious and enchanting one. While there are some people who just have a natural talent for music and a great ear to recognize that perfect melody, the truth is, a lot of musicians had to study for years to get there. So if you’re still at the beginnings of your career, don’t despair! As they say, success is 5% talent and 95% work and studying! So if you’re a songwriter looking to finally learn all the tips and tricks of great melody, rhythm, and lyrics, this would be a perfect choice. You will also learn what to look for in a music producer! And those of you who want to become a studio master, this will be the guide to take you to that next level!Here’s what you’ll learn in this book:What are melody, rhythm, and harmony and how to craft the perfect verse-chorus and a bridgeHow to use lyrics to hit the right spot with listeners and how to put together rhythm and rhymeWhat’s the best songwriting software and how to build a home studio to record your songsHow to choose the best music equipment for your home production studio and learn the most important production softwareWhat is song mastering, how to work with vocals, and how to use digital sound effects to the greatest effectIf you want to learn all there is to know about music business, this is the book for you!