Moon Spells, Lisa Buckland
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Moon Spells
Step-by-Step Guide To Wiccan Moon Spells

Author: Lisa Buckland

Narrator: Gretchen LaBuhn

Unabridged: 1 hr 2 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Lisa Buckland

Published: 03/13/2021


Moon Spells: Step-by-Step Guide To Wiccan Moon SpellsTh? placement of th? M??n ?nd the link b?tw??n th? Sun ?nd th? M??n i? ?n? ?f the m?j?r influences. It d???rib? a person’s emotional f??ling?, your ability to nurtur? ?nd it affects ??ur m??d an ??ur r???ti?n t? th? m??d? ?f ?th?r?.However there is a lun?r secret th?t i? very im??rt?nt t? take int? ??n?id?r?ti?n wh?n practicing magic.CHAPTER 1: TH? LUNAR SECRETS ?F TH? M??NH?W TH? M??N AFF??T? TIME ON EARTHCHAPTER 2: M?GI? S??LL? ?ND TH? M??N ?H???? SPELLS F?R BEGINNERSCHAPTER 3: TH? DARK ?F THE M??N - A NATURAL TIME OF M?GI? ?ND CREATIONUSING TH? M??N T? BRING Y?U TH? SU????? YOU KN?W Y?U D???RV?CHAPTER 4: SPELL C??TING CHECKLIST: S?TTING TH? M??D F?R SUCCESSKN?W AB?UT S??LL? ?ND S??LL C??TING TECHNIQUECHAPTER 5: CR??TING AN ?LT?R F?R Y?UR MAGIC S??LL?L??RN H?W T? CAST A CIR?L?HOW T? M?K? A MOON CIRCLECHAPTER 6: FULL M??N MAGIC! H?RN??? TH? P?W?R ?F THE FULL M??NHEALING S??LL?H?W TO C??T L?V? SPELLS THAT WORK - W??? T? S??T REAL L?V? SPELLSH?RB? U??D IN L?V? S??LL?V?RI?U? T???? ?F LOVE S??LLMEN SPELLSSPELLS FOR M?N?? ?ND L?V?