Manipulation Techniques, Andrew Deep
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Manipulation Techniques
Persuasion and Mind Control. New Edition

Author: Andrew Deep

Unabridged: 2 hr 56 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Andrew Deep

Published: 08/20/2021


Psychology that ignores the dark side of life does us no favors.Have you ever felt that you came off second best in a negotiation or argument?Have you puzzled over why you do some of the things you do?Understanding the concept of dark psychology and learning tools of persuasion can put you in more win-win situations and help you develop emotional intelligence.“We will investigate the “Dark” side of the human personality - that part that sees withdrawal, devastation - that part that discovers passion, happiness, and joy in the broken piece of our reality,” says author Andrew Deep of MANIPULATION TECHNIQUES – PERSUASION AND MIND CONTROL.Topics explored in the book also include:An explanation of manipulation and persuasionPersuasive techniques to initiate and improve relationshipsWays to improve self-esteem and confidenceTechniques and methods of emotional manipulationWays to identify manipulators and get them out of your lifeThe role of blame, guilt, and stories Neurolinguistic programmingSince the days of cave dwellers, we have needed to understand our own and other people’s behavior. In more primitive times and in dire situations, quick fight-flight-or-freeze judgments can improve the chance of survival. In more genteel times, an understanding of psychology can lubricate the wheels of commerce and improve relationships and positive feelings.Don’t let your fear of this topic hold you back. If you want to understand yourself and others as a tool to succeed in the world and in your relationships, buy Manipulation Techniques – Persuasion and Mind Control today.