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Learn Italian: Learning Italian for Beginners, 3
Learn Italian Grammar, Italian Verbs, Italian Nouns, and Italian Adjectives

Unabridged: 3 hr 38 min

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Published: 05/12/2020


Don’t Learn Italian The Wrong Way!This Learn Italian audiobook-series takes away the agony of learning, making it a fun and interactive experience. In this series, you will learn the most frequently used words, verbs, and phrases first, before proceeding to learn Italian grammar.This easy and highly effective structure, will hijack your learning curve effectively as you will learn the Italian language in the same way you learned your native language as a child.If you think about it, you learned your native language by listening to your parents communicating. You had no clue what grammar was, and yet you learned rapidly! And the words you learned first, were the ones your parents used most frequently.By following the same logical principle you will learn the Italian language fast and in an easy manner.In this third book you will:Learn Fundamental Italian GrammarLearn to conjugate verbs (-Are, -Ere, -Ire) in the present, past and future tenseLearn more than 500 verbsLearn the 200 most common nounsLearn the 100 most common adjectivesRehearse with fun and engaging exercisesLearn how you should pronounce phrases with a pure Italian accent.If you are serious about learning Italian, then make it easier for you and hijack your own learning curve effectively by following the same principles you used as a child.Don’t wait any longer, scroll up and purchase this book now!