Learn Italian for Beginners, Pro Language Learning
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Learn Italian for Beginners

Unabridged: 1 hr 40 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/03/2020


The Fast Newbie Guide for Fluently Speaking Italian from Absolute Beginner in Just a Few WeeksWould you like to: • Speak Italian in a matter of weeks? • Understand conversations and be able to join? • Travel abroad and not worry about the language barrier?But you: • Have little to no time available? • Are afraid that you might say something wrong?You don't have to worry, because this beginner's guide for learning Italian has everything you need to get started. Especially if you have never learned Italian before.Forget about that forever!Pro Language Learning decided to create an audiobook as easy as possible, as quickly as possible, to learn the basics of the language.This audiobook is ideal for beginners and travelers. It teaches the essentials of basic grammar, common phrases, and vocabulary. You can learn the basics on your own in two weeks and learn new phrases easily.Each lesson builds upon the previous one to make you slowly but surely develop understanding and ultimately confidence in everyday situations. You will be able to strike a conversation, order coffee, or understand and respond to questions.The audiobook is filled with interesting topics that will easily engage you to learn and speak.Inside you will find: • Quickly Master the Basics: You will get instant exposure to the fundamentals that will help you with striking a conversation • Comprehensive Italian Lessons: The A-Z guide to learn Italian and speak it confidently • Skyrocket Your Vocabulary: Everyday phrases and vocabulary practice to learn faster • Grammar Made Simple: You will learn grammar in simple and interesting lessons that will easily make sense while practicingWith Learn Italian for Beginners, you will be able to start listening right away, plus a vocabulary builder helping you use the right word every time!Scroll up and Start Listening Now!