Kundalini, Marcus Ruiz
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Guided Yoga Meditation for Healing Yourself, Awakening Chakras and Achieve Spiritual Mindfulness. Free Your Mind From Anxiety, Improve Your Life With This Self-Healing and Self-Help Guide

Author: Marcus Ruiz

Unabridged: 3 hr 25 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Marcus Ruiz

Published: 04/15/2021


Are you hoping to discharge the collective energy that is in your body?Do you need to wipe out the chakras and improve your spiritual prosperity?Do you need to find how to open the intensity of your mind to improve your life through meditation drastically?The time has come to find out about the Kundalini energy. "Kundalini" is the main guide that will show you how to open your concealed powers and carry on with progressively significant life. The Kundalini is an energy source found within each one of us, snaked around the base of the spine, and prepared to jump up and furnish us with an unworldly encounter once we figure out how to let it out to its maximum capacity. This manual will give you the information that you have to begin with understanding this energy and will incorporate the exercises that you have to at long last allowed this energy to energy and arrive at your maximum capacity.What you will discover in “Kundalini” book:Disclosing the various degrees of Kundalini arousing, its excursion, and connection to Consciousness and Being.Know why arousing the Kundalini is of absolute significance.Explanations on the most proficient method to stir it, raise it, and liquefy it into diving to its last resting spot.Suggestions for a ground-breaking yet essential Kundalini Yoga schedule. The Benefits of Kundalini Awakening Helpful tips on the best way to forestall the "Kundalini disorder" for a protected arousing of the Kundalini energy.Step by step meditation exercise and techniques for the body, the mind, the emotions and for healthy dietUseful tips for the practice of Kundalini This book will show you how to go past it into your mind where complete satisfaction, harmony, love, and delight live.That is the genuine Home of the Kundalini. Order now!!!