Kundalini Awakening, Tianna Green
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Kundalini Awakening
Learn How to Increase Your Energy and Heal Your Body Using Mind Power and Spiritual Enlightenment, Reducing Anxiety and Awakening Kundalini Energy

Author: Tianna Green

Narrator: Susan Piper

Unabridged: 3 hr 38 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/24/2021


Have you recently come across the concept of Kundalini awakening and are curious to activate yours to increase your physical and mental energy, become stronger and wiser and break free from the chains of anxiety, and other mental and spiritual problems?If you’ve answered yes, keep reading....You are about to discover how to unlock and unleash the full power of kundalini awakening!By virtue that you are here, it is likely you are already sold to the idea of kundalini awakening and are curious to awaken yours but have all manner of questions....How do I awaken my energy to overcome anxiety, be positive and confident?What does kundalini awakening entail?Is kundalini awakening safe?Where do I begin?If you have these and other related questions, this audiobook is for you....Here’s a bit of what you’ll discover:What kundalini is and what kundalini awakening refers toHow kundalini meditation can benefit youWhy you need to discover your own kundalini and how to do itHow to increase your healing energyHow to heal your body through kundalini yoga and meditationHow to unlock your mind power in simple stepsThe psychology of enlightenment and why spiritual enlightenment is importantHow you can reduce anxiety with yogaHow to practice breathing exercises to reduce anxietyHow kundalini energy can help you and how to increase itAnd much more!Yes, you can awaken your kundalini, and effectively deal with emotional pain, anxiety and other problems, even if you feel lost and stuck right now!Click "Buy Now" to find out!