Keep Calm And Cut Him Off, Bruce Bryans
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Keep Calm And Cut Him Off
13 Reasons to "Go Silent" on Guys Who Reject or Break Up with You

Author: Bruce Bryans

Narrator: Mike Norgaard

Unabridged: 1 hr 15 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Bruce Bryans

Published: 01/04/2022


A guy who rejects or breaks up with you should no longer exist in your life. Contacting him or allowing him to stay in-touch with you will make you work harder and harder to convince him that you’re worth his love and attention, and it will compel you to play that ugly and unwinnable game called, "Chase-A-Man".The best way to avoid this ugly game and break his spell over you is to cut the guy off (go "no contact" on him) for a set period of time, or in some cases, keep him cut off and out of your life indefinitely.In this survival guide for women, you’re going to learn the importance of silence after a breakup or rejection, how it benefits you, and the powerful influence it has on the man who rejects you. If you want to bounce back from a bad breakup or even just improve your relationships with men in the future, this audiobook will help you rediscover your true self-worth.Here’s what else you’re going to learn:The dangerous thought-process that keeps many women TRAPPED in an addictive cycle of unfulfilling sex, disappointment, and low self-esteem.Why you should never relieve a guy of the guilt he feels for treating you poorly. And why allowing him to feel guilty is actually a GOOD thing.Exactly what men think and feel when you cut them off QUICKLY.Why FORCING a man to live with his decision to leave you is crucial to reclaiming your power and potentially getting him back in the future.The dangers of staying in touch with an ex, and how it tricks you into settling for a DEAD-END pseudo-relationship.How you can better control the "MEAN GIRL" inside your head (that inner voice that likes to tell you "you’re not good, smart, or pretty enough" in some way) by finally standing up for yourself.And much, much more...Get started right away and discover the power and importance of silence after a breakup or rejection.