Journeys Revenge, Simone Kelly
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Journey's Revenge
A #1544 Novel

Author: Simone Kelly

Unabridged: 10 hr 5 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Recorded Books

Published: 05/21/2024


A traumatic accident changed everything.After a chilling encounter, Journey Salazar and her father, Ty Carter, will never be the same.Ty Carter has to come to grips with reality … his trouble is far from over. He is now under suspicion for a crime he didn’t commit. Marlon, Ty’s best friend and business partner, wants to see Journey pay for her evil wrongdoings. With all of the stress of being under the watchful eye of the media and the police, Ty does his best to make the peace between everyone involved. Journey, his estranged daughter with powerful psychic gifts, doesn’t want to face the music of her sins and twisted tricks of manipulation. Does she even have to?Journey awakens to a life that is no longer her own. While learning to deal with her own karma, she is befriended by Dominick, who is not only handsome, spiritual, and charming, but he also sees her for who she is. He’s fascinated by her talents and becomes intensely protective of her. He's happy to do whatever she wants to keep her satisfied.As he tries to keep his paranoia under wraps, Ty is under extreme pressure. Lucky for him, he’s supported by two women who love him. His grandfather, Papa, is concerned about the family's secret psychic gifts causing harm to others and takes the steps to make sure the past doesn’t repeat itself.Will Journey’s jealousy create more havoc within the family? Can Marlon and Ty finally escape her venomous wrath and protect their reputations? Will Papa be able to protect the family legacy before Ty's children lose control? Find out the answers as this psychic thriller unravels in Journey’s Revenge.