Insane But True Things About NEGOTI..., richard kennedy
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Insane (But True) Things About NEGOTIATION : Master Dark Psychology Guide to Deep Learning Everything about Nlp, Persuasion, Mind Control, Emotional Influence, Hypnosis and Body Language Techniques

Narrator: keith huges, dms

Unabridged: 7 hr 2 min

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Published: 09/27/2020


The Business Dictionary defines negotiation as: negotiating (giving and taking) processes between two or more parties (each with their own interests, desires, and viewpoints) trying to find a common ground and reach agreement to settle a matter of mutual interest or conflict resolution.As you can see from this description, there is a great deal of reasons to negotiate! It's pretty scary and intimidating too. If I think of bargaining, so many feelings and thoughts go through my head: "Will that make me look greedy?"Will I be branded as taking care of the money alone and not the real role?"And worse still, sometimes your boss or HR, or whomever you're negotiating with, makes you think you may just only care about the money. You're not alone, so don't take it personal. The best advice I've ever had on negotiation was, "Look, it's your job... you've got to steer the ship! You are the best promoter of your own job.'EVER SINCE THEN, I'VE ALWAYS STRUCK GOLD WHEN I NEGOTIATE!!!That something might be big or it might be small. You've got to meet somebody to get it now. You have to try to get the best deal because resources are precious. In order to get the best value for your money, the best value for your time, the best value for whatever resources you have to offer, you will have to do a little "give and take."You need to negotiate.I’ll help you learn things like:How to read your negotiating counterpartsHow to go for the kill, literallyHow to be the solution and be irresistibleHow to only get the WINHow to use your meeting environment to your advantageAnd lots more