How to Read People, Hendrick Kramers
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How to Read People
Understanding Nonverbal Communication, Socializing, and Persuasion

Unabridged: 5 hr 26 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Efalon Acies

Published: 12/22/2020


These themes from the 6 books in here are included in this bundle: Theme 1: This book is full of helpful tips on social skills. Some people may suffer from shyness or feel awkward when socializing. The first chapter of this book will talk about that. Additionally, the best ways to make small talk work in your favor will be discussed, as well as more tips to talk to anyone about basically anything. Last but not least, the final chapter will go over some findings science has done that has them worried about the next generations’ declining social skills, mostly due to technology. Theme 2: How do you communicate without saying anything?How do you communicate better through what you’re saying?These are at the central theme of this guide. Other subject matters include flirting in general, recognizing myths about body language, secret cues that you should watch out for, women’s romantic interest signals, flirting techniques for women to use on men, keeping your communication to a minimum, cultural anecdotes about nonverbal communication, etc. Theme 3: Aside from pointing out the many benefits of people who have a good influence on you, this guide goes over some intriguing thoughts that relate to the concept of influence.Theme 4: How can you become a master of persuasion? How do you get your way? These three questions are at the heart of this brief book, that will reveal many secrets of the persuasion realm many have entered. And 2 other themes!