How to find freedom and kill your fea..., Jeffrey Jordan
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How to find freedom and kill your fear

Narrator: SergeP

Unabridged: 3 hr 8 min

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Published: 02/23/2021


Are you looking for one place where you can read everything you could possibly want to know about Malcolm X?Perhaps you have only recently discovered Malcolm X—and the many vital things that he did for race pride as well as black nationalism in the early 1960—and it has inspired you to learn about the man behind the many great actions of that era?Or maybe you already know a little about Malcolm X and what he stood for, but you are keen to learn more about him as a person—from his childhood all the way through his life—and you want to find all of that information in one, compelling book.Sounds too good to be true, right?Wrong!How to Find Freedom and Kill Your Fear covers the heroic life story of Malcolm X in an all-encompassing biography that will take you through all of the trials and tribulations he had to go through in his entire life.There are very few books that cover Malcolm X in such great detail—from his life in poverty and persecution as a youngster, his time spent in prison, all the way through to his faith and relationship with Martin Luther King Jr.All that information is carefully laid out in a way that is easy to follow and exciting to read, making this content digestible and encapsulating. Once you start reading about this man’s fascinating life, you will struggle to put the book back down again until you have read it from cover to cover!Inside How to Find Freedom and Kill Your Fear, discover:What Malcolm X’s upbringing was like and the early losses and poverty he suffered fromHis time in prison and how he used it to become more studiousA deeper insight into his wider familyHis time during the Nation of IslamHis difficulties battling civil rights of minorities and the African American people