How to Be an Alpha Male Being the Ma..., PUA Freeman
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How to Be an Alpha Male: Being the Man That All Women Want

Author: PUA Freeman

Narrator: PUA Freeman

Unabridged: 1 hr 41 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/23/2016


Forget what girls say what they want in man, this book is going to reveal the truth. I am going to show you how to approach, seduce and attract more hot women that you know what to do with. I will show you seven killer approaches that get her number every time and even more importantly than that I will reveal the five biggest reasons girls reject guys (even if they actually like them). Learn how to stop putting girls on a pedestal and daydreaming of getting them into your bed. Renowned self confidence coach ‘Freeman’ teaches you the most advanced techniques used by Alpha males around the world to get the girl every time. Use the techniques in this book and I guarantee you will get friend zoned less, get much hotter girls than you ever have before and get as much a sex as you want! • Understand the primary element of attraction • The pure power of the law of scarcity • More sex, better sex • Dealing with Oneitis • Approaching women with confidence • Dealing with ‘rejection’ • Act with fearlessness around hot girls • Sexual escalation and more