How to Be a Patriot, Sunder Katwala
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How to Be a Patriot
Why love of country can end our very British culture war

Narrator: Sunder Katwala

Unabridged: 7 hr 17 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Harper UK

Published: 06/15/2023


‘Sunder Katwala has helped to lead the public conversation on national identity.’ David Lammy MP ‘Ever my go-to guy when trying to make sense of this ferociously polarised issue.’ Tom Holland Sunder Katwala grew up with some identity questions to work through. As a half-Indian, Irish Catholic kid, the chequered history of post-imperial Britain seemed very personal. Yet he came to realise that, with that background, he could hardly be anything but proudly British. And feeling British was getting much easier once the banana-throwing racists on the football terraces and Norman Tebbit’s divisive cricket test gave way to a softer patriotism as the spirit of the Britpop era carried through to Danny Boyle’s Olympic opening ceremony. Gazza’s tears and Gareth Southgate had changed what it meant to be English too. Having put his own search for an inclusive patriotism back on track, Sunder wondered why so many other English liberals seemed unable to get over their fear of flags. But how much use is it to secure a confident sense of personal and national identity if your country starts falling apart all around you? This book moves from a personal journey to navigate the state of the nation, and the many identity crises of this increasingly disunited Kingdom – from extremism and integration after 7/7; fears of immigration and the deep divides of Brexit; the resurgence of online racism and raging culture wars over what our history means today. As Scotland decides whether to vote to end the Union, Sunder tries to find out if he might now find himself doomed to be the last British patriot of them all.