How Perseus Slew The Gorgon, Uncredited
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How Perseus Slew The Gorgon

Author: Uncredited

Unabridged: 6 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/04/2015


Ancient Myths are very popular nowadays. Children and elders all around the world love to read about Gods and heroic adventures and feats of well-known champions. Perseus is a son of his mother Danae. Zeus himself is his father. Brave and powerful Perseus meets Evil and destroys it. The myth “How Perseus Slew the Gorgon” is about Perseus’s feat of slaying the evil creature Gorgon - one of the three Gray Sisters that were living in the Unshapen Land, in the place which had no name. The king Polydectes tried to force Danae – Perseus’s mother, to marry him. But she hated the King. Perseus was her protection from king’s influence. So the King decided to make away with Perseus. He told that if Perseus really the son of Zeus he would easily kill the mythic creature Gorgon and bring its head to the King Polydectes. So Perseus started his dangerous journey into the lands of darkness and Death. But the mission was impossible without the help of Gods. What happened with Perseus in this adventure?A SmartTouch Media production.