Heavy Sinners MC, Rae B. Lake
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Heavy Sinners MC
Dare to Ride

Author: Rae B. Lake

Unabridged: 8 hr 8 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/25/2022


Marcus Heavy is the founder of the Heavy Sinners Motorcycle Club. They specialize in the drug game, prostitution, blackmail, and murder. You cross any member of the club, and that’s the end of your life. Marcus’ son, Darius, was supposed to take up the mantle as leader of the club, but Darius doesn’t want that life. He’s seen the devastation it brings to his family and everyone around them. So, Darius gets a college degree and a good job and claws his way out of the hood. The life he’s chosen couldn’t be more different than that of his homicidal father’s—until unknown enemies show up at his door, shoot Darius in the head, and kidnap his child. He wakes up in the hospital to find his father hovering over him, wanting to know what Darius plans to do for revenge. No one attacks the Heavy name and lives to tell the story. Darius resists, but as weeks go by and officials focus more on smearing Darius than they do on searching for his child, he feels desperate. With his back to the wall and no official help in sight, Darius turns to the group he once rejected. Marcus always knew his son would come back to the Heavy Sinners MC. He hands over the VP patch to Darius, who suddenly has a seat at the table in the organization he never wanted to be a part of. Desperate to find his child, he tears through the city, going after anyone who might have had a hand in the attack on his family. He never imagined himself as a violent person, yet soon Darius discovers that not only is he capable of it, but he’s good at it. When Dhariaenters his orbit, she puts a spark to the desire in him that had burned out months ago, igniting a fire of passion. Will he be able to return to his true self, or is the legacy of the Heavy Sinners MC too strong to resist?