Healing After Loss, Madeline Holden
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Healing After Loss
Grief Recovery and Heal Yourself From Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Negative Thinking - Taking Back the Control of Your Life. New Version

Unabridged: 3 hr 58 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/01/2021


Grief is one of those emotions that touches each of us in life.We all experience the pain, emotional and physical effects, stresses and anxiety it brings in one way or another but incredibly each experience is unique and personal.Whether you are mourning the loss of a partner, friend, child, parent or a much loved pet, your experience is yours alone and your coping and healing journey is equally personalIn this audiobook you will gain a new understanding of the stages of grief and how your recovery will improve with each passing phase, dealing with the real issues that must be faced each day and finding workable solutions to every problem.Not just a book that centres on helping you to mentally survive the pain of death or loss, this is also a practical guide which offers advice on supporting others in their grief, dealing with the inevitable financial implications that accompany it, as well as overcoming the difficult memories and anniversaries you will face without a loved one.Through daily reflection, spiritual wisdom, meditation, mindfulness and a host of other proven tools, you can deal with the grief that threatens your happiness and emerge as a more self-confident and assured person, ready to be happy once more.With courage and self-love you can truly achieve anything.If that sounds like something you and your loved ones would benefit from, this book is the answer to your questions