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Guided Meditation for Ultimate Relaxation with Deep Breathing Techniques
Achieve Stress Reduction, Anxiety Relief, Mindfulness, & Deep Sleep Using The Ancient Art of Pranayama Breathing

Unabridged: 1 hr 9 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/17/2019


Unlock the Ultimate Stress-Reliever With The Incredible Ancient Art of Pranayama BreathingPranayama is an ancient breathing technique, originating from Buddhist scripture and functioning alongside mindfulness and meditation. Pranayama has been proven to have incredible impacts on our bodies and minds, reducing stress, increasing mindfulness and awareness, and improving our sleep. Now, you can harness the power of this ancient practice and achieve the ultimate relaxation with this deep breathing.Crafted by meditation meadow, and enjoyed by over 25,000 listeners, this deep breathing Pranayama session will help you:* Overcome stress and anxiety* Develop and practice mindfulness* Learn the power of deep breathing* Create profound and lasting mental change* Experience deep, regenerative sleep* And So Much MoreSo don’t wait. People have been enjoying the benefits of Pranayama for thousands of years – now you can join them and feel the immediate and powerful results. And for the best experience, purchase the Audible version for the full power.Buy now to discover the amazing benefits of Pranayama deep breathing today!