Getting Scot and Bothered, Caroline Lee
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Getting Scot and Bothered
The Hots for Scots, Book 3

Author: Caroline Lee

Narrator: William Macleod

Unabridged: 5 hr 20 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/21/2021


Rocque Oliphant has simple wants: a fine sword at his hip, a good meal in his belly, and a lusty wench by his side. His position as the Oliphant Commander, leader of men, ensures the first, and his long-term affair with Merewyn, the clan healer, ensures the second and third. She brings him joy--and pleasure--in way she once only dreamed of!Aye, things are going well in his least they were, right up until his father--the laird--demanded he marry and start producing grandsons. If Rocque wants to beat his brothers at a chance for the lairdship, he needs to find a willing woman to bear his sons--and fast!But Merewyn, the stubborn lass, refuses to marry him and won't tell him why. Rocque can't imagine spending his life with anyone else! So if he can't marry another lass, and the one he wants won't marry him, what chance does he have to secure the title of the new laird?As the Oliphant healer, Merewyn knows her value to the clan. She is also quite aware she doesn't need to marry...and the only way she will, is for love. And Rocque, stubborn idiot that he is, won't tell her his true feelings. Can she be blamed for saying nay to his proposal? But now she's running out of time and knows she has no choice but to tell him the truth, or set him free, because in a few months, everyone in the clan will know her secret!Rocque might have more brawn than brains, but he's smart enough to know he can't lose Merewyn. But is he prepared for the battle it's going to take to prove that to her?Warning: This story contains naughty bits. Lots of them. Ridiculous amounts. Also contains characters and conversations which are funny enough to make you spit out your tea. For the sake of your devices, do not drink while listening to this audiobook. That is all; you may now carry on.