Gaslighting, Debbie Walker
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How to Spot & Survive from Narcissistic Ex, Emotional Abuse, Gaslight Effect, Manipulation. Outsmart Narcissists with Stoicism, Mental Toughness, Social Intelligence, NLP & Empath Skills

Author: Debbie Walker

Narrator: KC Wayman

Unabridged: 4 hr 46 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Debbie Walker

Published: 12/05/2022


Have you experienced the tactics of a narcissist and suffered as a result?Have you been emotionally affected, manipulated or abused by one of these people?Are you ready to learn the secrets of fighting back?Gaslighting is a term that is used to describe a narcissistic trait that involves psychological manipulation against the victim, leaving them questioning their memory, judgement, or even their sanity. It can be incredibly damaging for those on the receiving end of it and can take years to understand and beat. Luckily there is now help.Inside this audiobook you'll discover a range of tools and techniques you can use when it comes to beating a narcissistic abuser at their own game, with chapters that cover: • How to spot when someone is gaslighting you • Different types of gaslighters  • How to avoid being manipulated • Dealing with a narcissistic ex • The warning signs of hidden manipulation • Improving your mental toughness • Outsmarting a narcissist • Learn to control your emotionsIf you believe that you're in a narcissistic relationship or have been in one previously and are trying to recover from it, then you need to be armed with every advantage when it comes to dealing with your narc abuser, providing you with everything you will need to overcome their tactics and through detailed examples of gaslight-effect.Even if you think there is no solution, you'll be guided step by step from understanding, to prevention and healing and techniques to deal with them.Would You Like To Know More?Listen to it now to make sure you are ready to take on and beat your narcissistic abuser!