Following a Spiritual Path Recoverin..., Elsabe Smit
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Following a Spiritual Path: Recovering from Religion Volume 2

Author: Elsabe Smit

Narrator: Elsabe Smit

Unabridged: 6 hr 14 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Elsabe Smit

Published: 09/15/2021


DO you know what Spiritual Law is and why it is easier to follow these laws rather than ignore them? How does spiritual healing work? Chakras and your aura are used in spiritual healing. There are also all sorts of different techniques that are used in healing, and you can decide which techniques make sense to you. Decide for yourself whether distance healing makes sense and can be successful. Learn how concepts in quantum physics, such as quantum entanglement, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, quantum tunneling and quantum super-position explain spirituality. Are you aware of the patterns that are part of our existence and how they add meaning to our spiritual journey? Learn about numerology, repetitive numbers, the Platonic solids, crop circles and life cycles, and how they teach us the wonders of the Universe. Do you understand the consequences of eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? What are your views on race, gender, religion and other human divisions? The Tree of Life is an amazing structure that contains a "manual for life" when we are ready to learn how everything under the sun fits together. What is your life script? What is your view on reincarnation? Do you understand your soul contract and how it impacts on your experiences and relationships in this world? We talk easily about karma, but what is it and how can we make the best of it? Do you understand the difference between coincidence and synchronicity, ad how these relate to spirituality? These are a few of the many questions that are answered in book two of the series. Elsabe Smit has been a practicing psychic and spiritual healer for decades, with clients in many countries in her virtual practice. She has published a range of books that are available as e-books and audio books. She will help you find your own way through the quagmire of practices, so that you can make your own decisions about your spiritual life.