Essays 6 Of Consolation to Marcia, Seneca
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Essays 6: Of Consolation to Marcia

Author: Seneca

Narrator: Robin Homer

Unabridged: 1 hr 37 min

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Published: 10/09/2019


Marcia actively mourned the death of her son Metilius for over three years. In Of Consolation to Marcia, Seneca attempts to convince her that the fate of her son, while tragic, should not have been a surprise. She knew many other mothers who had lost their sons; why should she expect her own son to survive her? The acknowledgement, even expectation, of the worst of all possible outcomes is a tenet of Seneca's Stoic philosophy. While Seneca sympathised with Marcia, he reminded her that "we are born into a world of things which are all destined to die," and that if she could accept that no one is guaranteed a just life (that is, one in which sons always outlive their mothers), she could finally end her mourning and live the rest of her life in peaceTranslation by Aubrey Stewart and produced by Vox StoicaSeneca's Essays Series:1) Of providence – addressed to Lucilius2) On the Firmness of the Wise Man – addressed to Serenus3-5) Of Anger (Books 1-3) – addressed to his brother Novatus6) Of Consolation – addressed to Marcia7) Of a Happy Life – addressed to Gallio8) Of Leisure – addressed to Serenus9) Of Tranquillity of Mind – addressed to Serenus10) On the Shortness of Life – addressed to Paulinus11) Of Consolation – addressed to Polybius12) Of Consolation – addressed to Helvia