ENRICH Create Wealth in Time, Money,..., Todd Miller
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ENRICH: Create Wealth in Time, Money, and Meaning

Author: Todd Miller

Narrator: Kaleo Griffith

Unabridged: 7 hr 28 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/03/2020


Todd Miller had a thriving career leading multimillion dollar entertainment companies. By all metrics, he was successful…and he was miserable. He always had to be “on”—on the ball, on his toes, on call 24/7, and on the money. Miller wanted more than just a prestigious career. He wanted Control. Financial Independence. Time. Fulfillment.He wanted an enriched life. Chances are, you’ve sacrificed for your career and fought a constant tug-of-war between personal, professional, and financial well-being. Professional success is important, but is it enough? ENRICH teaches life skills to create Optionality, even in the most uncertain situations. The world has changed greatly, but the principles of life success haven’t. Using a series of illuminating case studies and interviews, Todd Miller shows how he and other high achievers cracked the code to:Accelerate financial security in an era of job insecurityReach big, bold life goals Craft your ideal jobCreate time wealth Avoid the default settingNavigate change, including job lossConnect how you spend your days to what’s most important For most books on work/life integration, money is frequently the elephant in the room. ENRICH embraces this elephant. Through a practical, proven, six-step process, you’ll learn how to get financially fit fast, savor life’s deliciousness, and achieve career satisfaction. ENRICH incorporates time-honored business processes with thorough, global, best practice research. Miller presents an extensive tool kit of sometimes unconventional—but always potent—work- and life-hacking strategies.